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Strider Bikes

Strider Bikes

Strider Bikes are the ultimate choice when it comes to an option for young children. A strider bike has a reputation for excellence, especially when it comes to the strider balance bike. This is the line of bikes geared for children, specializing in creating a bicycle that will not cause dangerous tips, spills, or falls that could happen on a tricycle or typical two-wheeler.

Strider bikes will have children riding in style and safety. Children will love to ride and parents will love it even more when they can breathe easier knowing their child is protected while enjoying the outdoors. Strider bikes are running bikes without training wheels nor are they tricycles. Strider bikes strive to create an enjoyable experience for toddlers that will give them confidence long before they even need to use the pedals.

It is a lightweight alternative to traditional bicycles without chains and spokes that can create a hazard. Strider bikes provide two wheels, sturdy handlebars, and a seat. Children as young as age 1 can hop on the smallest models of strider bikes , working their way up to larger sizes by age 5.Strider Bikes

These bicycles are innovative and depart from the competition by taking away the emphasis on pedaling a bicycle. Learning to balance is the more difficult skill but young children learn it with ease on strider bikes .
An overall strider bike review gives positive ratings from parents, happy to see their children active and enjoying riding, being mobile, and putting safety first.

By straddling the bike, holding on to the handlebars, and walking, children learn with baby steps on strider bikes , soon moving to gliding and riding with speed, making the eventual transition to pedals hassle-free. Parents found it beneficial when children had to learn to put a foot down to avoid tipping over in order to learn their limits when riding, something that wouldn’t happen with a tricycle or training wheels.

The majority of consumers were satisfied with a few complaints on quality of paint and stickers, overruled by the excellent riding lessons learned when children begin with strider bikes .

Instead of tipping over and learning fear from a young age, toddlers become skilled riders with the art of balance down pat. Once mastered, they’ll succeed. They might inch along at first but it doesn’t take long to really fly on strider bikes . Parents of young children should consider strider bikes today.

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